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We are versed in residential building and construction as well as in light and heavy commercial building and construction and will support you in all steps from the early development until you receive your keys”

  • We develop floor plans and obtain government building approval if necessary
  • We clear the building site and lay foundations
  • We build the main load-bearing structure of your building
  • We create the structural parts of the building
  • We install roofing with shingels or other covering types
  • We cover the walls with siding, typically vinyl or wood, but possibly stone or other materials
  • We install windows
  • We frame out interior walls and doorways
  • We install internal plumbing, air conditioning, electrical, and natural gas utilities
  • We take care of legal necessities like approvement of utilities and framing
  • We install interior drywall panels and fiberglass insulation to make walls and ceilings
  • We install bathroom fixtures
  • We spackle, prime, and paint interior walls and ceilings
  • We do additional tiling on top of drywall for wet areas, such as the bathroom and kitchen back splash
  • We install final floor covering, such as floor tile, carpet, or wood flooring
  • We install all major appliances
  • We move in furniture, decor, personal items, and any appliances not originally supplied
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